We here at Houses, Fences, and Decks, Oh My LLC hold your project in the highest regard. We promise not to move on to the next project until yours is completed.

We are a small, family run business, don 't have high overhead like some of the other guys and this lets us keep our prices down. Growing too big or too fast is not our goal either. A smaller business atmosphere allows us to give the personalized customer service you are searching for. We will do just about anything you need from lawn care to a complete remodel of your house. So from now on you will have a friend in the construction business. We remodel houses so, if you need help with your own flip, your personal property, business, or any other thing you can think of, please call or send an email - we would love to hear from you.

We will also work with realtors on escrow repairs, foreclosure clean outs, and can usually accommodate your pricing needs to allow for a sale to close on time and within budget.